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60 Day Guarantee

Unlike most companies, we offer a 60 day guarantee policy. If there isn’t at least one deletion in the 1st 60 day we will stop all future charges and continue to work on your file for free. 

We pride ourselves in our service and our customer reviews. They speak for themselves on how we have helped many clients achieve their dreams.

Trusted Reviews

Our clients get a personal experience with a small team assigned to their file. You will never be passed around from person to person that has to “catch up” on your account before being able to advise you fully. You get the same people every time. 

"I worked with Complete Credit Plus for 3 months and my score is now higher than I've ever seen it before!!"

                                                          - Darren S.

"My husband and I tried to fix our credit for a year! It was frustrating and difficult. A friend recommended Complete Credit Plus, we called and they had us all set in half the time! "

- Sheila R.

"Complete Credit Plus helped my family finally get into our dream home! Thank you so much!"

- Charles D.