I thought after my bankruptcy that my credit was destroyed. CCP helped me remove the negatives and helped me build it back up! Thank you again!!

                                                                                                 - April O.

Complete Credit Plus, thank you for everything! We wouldn't be where we are without your help!!

                                                                                       - George R.


  • Step One
    • Your credit specialist will be calling to pull your credit report for just $1!!
    • They will go over your report line by line with you and see if you are a fit for a program. 
    • We don't want to hurt your credit with an inquiry, so we will always use sites like this to get your updated reports. 
  • Step Two 
    • Get some positive credit 
      • Speak with one of our specialists for your options! We work with a few companies that can help you even if you have been turned down other places!
  • Step Three
    • Get started and watch your credit scores climb!

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