Our investigations go out to the credit bureaus and creditors monthly. The creditors have a 30 day window to respond to the credit bureaus. You will receive snail mail correspondence once those investigations have been completed. 

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"I love working with the Complete Credit Plus team. I know my clients are in good hands and will be taken care of. I get regular updates so I always know the status of my referrals. Highly recommend."

- Claire C.


I thought after my bankruptcy that my credit was destroyed. CCP helped me remove the negatives and helped me build it back up! Thank you again!!
                                                                        - April O.

We start with a free consultation of your credit report. We take a look at every item on your credit report and discuss how it's affecting you. If we thing we can help we will recommend our services. If we think there is nothing that we can do, we will offer suggestions that you can do. 

We will never recommend services on someone that we do not think we can help. 

"I was very skeptical of credit repair companies until i worked with Complete Credit Plus! They got me where I needed to be for my home loan!! I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs credit help and is looking for a home!
                                                       - Melanie D.

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We update you monthly, because the credit agencies have a full 30 days to investigate there is only so much information we can have available. We like to keep and eye on everything throughout the process so we keep an on the report every couple weeks. This way we can get a jump anything new that might come up. 

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